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The “Local Development for Business World” project is carried out under the partnership with TÜRKONFED and CIPE as the fourth phase of the “City-Region: New Dynamics in Regional Development” project.

The aim during the first phase of the project was to work on Turkey's economic and administrative problems in an urban context, to find solutions and to open the issue to the public from a different perspective. In the second phase, the “Local Development Guide for the Business World” prepared in cooperation with the Argüden Management Academy aimed to serve as a concrete resource in the context of the relationship of non-governmental organizations in Turkey with the government as part of the new political system with the consultation processes with stakeholders and opinion leaders, organization of focus group meetings and workshops, surveys and comparative research. In the third phase of the project, work was carried out to disseminate the guide in the business world, to raise awareness about the issue, and to promote the advocacy of a more effective and participatory regional development process.

The fourth phase of the TÜRKONFED and CIPE partnership is aimed at focusing on corporate governance in independent collaborations. In this context, it is aimed at strengthening civil society for responsible, accountable, and participatory governance in Turkey by strengthening the organizational structure of business associations. In this context, 6 workshops in 6 provinces are planned to be organized on corporate identity, the orientation of the member of the board of directors/secretary-general (roles, responsibilities), corporate business ethics and principles, organizational planning (strategy, annual work plan, expansion, etc.), corporate responsibility and organizational performance measurement. In addition, it is planned that a summit will be held within the scope of the project, which will crown the workshops and include the works of the projects of this year and previous years.